Pottering around at the weekend

This weekend has been about winding down and chilling out after a long week at uni. Yesterday. I naturally woke up at 8 in the morning and had an above average large breakfast with yogurt, fruit and paté on toast. I stayed toasty and warm under the covers and watched Youtube for an hour and a half whilst I enjoyed my food. Eventually I made it out of the covers, had a shower before heading off on the bus into town. My main goal was to pick up Eidi and Malin’s blow up mattress for their visit next weekend, but decided to make an event of it and spend some time pottering around by myself in town. I headed through the wet streets under the grey sky, and went into Wilkinson’s Tea and Coffee shop to treat myself to some fancy tea. I had told myself I wanted to go and buy some tea there since last semester, and here I was finally seizing the opportunity. I picked a Raspberry and Rhubarb with Rooibos, a type of South African herbal tea from a a yellow plant called Aspalathus linearis. Next i popped into Head in the Clouds and bought some new incense. I ended up getting three, because I wanted a bit of variation and they are so cheap, so I got smells of Gardenia, Eucalyptus (for a little Australia nostalgia) and just an average “Yoga meditation” smell (whatever that is). I headed through the Lanes towards Chapelfield but got interrupted with a sudden pour of rain, so I sought refuge in the Forum where I came across some Alpacas! They were standing around for petting in a pen, and were part of a “Craft” week the Forum was hosting. Lots of people, including the Norfolk Alpaca wool farmer, were introducing local talent and businesses associated with knitting, weaving and other crafts. Alpaca fur is incredibly soft, unless you were wondering. After looking around the exhibitions and killing time in the tourist information shop/gift shop I headed into Chapelfield where I bought some new silver earrings at the new jewellery shop, some make up at H and M and finally bathroom supplies at Boots. As I was about to leave I noticed a new shop with odd looking things in it, and decided to check it out. It didn’t take long before I noticed everything was written in Danish, what was this Scandinavian shop during in Norwich? The  English seem to be lapping it up though, all this weird Scandinavian tatt.




It was so nice treating myself to some treats in town, and I didn’t in the slightest feel bad about it. At least these treats will last me a while, instead of the treat being an expensive trip to Tesco’s and getting multiple chocolate bar. Back home the house was in full spring cleaning mood, and by the evening the house was shining. I also tidied my room and did my laundry in preparation for my friends next weekend, I’m so so excited. For dinner I made myself risotto with mushrooms and onions and topped it off with a massive amount of cheese. In the evening I hung out in the living room with Emily and David, and enjoyed some tele and chat. I was simultaneously practising my make-up with Emily’s assistance, and we ended up doing a parody tutorial on Facebook Live which was so much fun and laughs! Last but not least, I did my make up again this morning, and I had another go with my purple eye-shadow palette (my skin’s been looking so crap with acne lately from so much stress and wet weather, and I can’t face it right now). Also, I need to share with you my new favourite t-shirt in the world. I absolutely adore this new velvet purple t-shirt, I feel so lush and good about myself wearing it. I love it so much I am tempted to buy another one, because I am genuinely fearful of the day something will happen to it and it is ruined and worn. Isn’t it weird how a piece of cloth can do that?

img_8796a img_8813 img_8825 img_8784 img_8810

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