Ordinary moments

Yesterday morning I slept in until 9, after only making it to bed at 1.30 the previous night. The house all watched The Superbowl at midnight, which was very cosy. Some of us watched it mainly to see Lady Gaga perform in the break, whilst others watched it because they actually like American football. Whatever the motivation though, 5 housemates and two partners sat together in the living room well passed bed time and watched this game. I adore mundane intimate moments like that, where we are all so bonded and close. Talking about irrelevant stuff. Politics. Listening to gossip. Being in sibling-like banter warfare with Nathan like usual, throwing humorous insults to each other. Twiddling Emily’s hair. Looking over and seeing the couples nestled together on the sofas. Having a “try to blow out the candle on the table from where you are sitting” competition. Watching Nathan and Emily have an arm wrestle across the table. Beating Emily in arm-wrestling shortly after. David in the red chair, laughing and snap-chatting. Paul and Aaron trying to explain rules of the football game to us novices. Sitting in silence and watching the game. Trying to make vape from Aaron’s electric cigarette come out or noses.

The thought that that moment may never be replicated again, or only if possibly for another couple of months, is weirdly scary and perfect at the same time. Soon all our paths will not be crossed together anymore, and we will all go our separate ways. It’s odd when this realization hits you in that present, that there will never be another time where we all live this close and do ordinary, mundane things like watch tele together, and it makes you appreciate the moment even more.

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