Feeling down..

…but don’t worry, it will pass. Sometimes though, you can’t help but be really, really down. Malin and Eidi left this morning after a wonderful weekend visit, and I’m frankly quite down about them leaving and thus having to face reality again. It was so lovely having them stay. I love them with all my heart and we had such a good time (I’ll tell you more about what we got up to in my next post)! Now, after that blissful weekend, the mountain of work, anxiety and stress faces me again, and it doesn’t feel terribly pleasant. Saying goodbye to them and knowing I still have another month and a half left before I travel home makes me feel terribly homesick too. If I’m honest I am a bit fed up living in this 6 person house too, and I am longing for more control and independence in my life. I’m fed up with endless dirty dishes, odd smells, slow internet, cold rooms, a crackling tele and general mess out of my control. Living communally forces you to learn to compromise and be patient, and right now myself and others are definitely scoring a solid 3rd on that matter. I think I am going to have to just grind my teeth together a little harder, let it go, and maybe spend a bit more time by myself for a while. I can feel it in myself that I need a little solitary time. Don’t get me wrong, I love them all dearly and there are so many wonderful things to say about communal living. It’s just the consequence of living together; it can’t be (and it won’t be) a bed of roses the entire time. I have no doubt I have my own frustrating habits and mannerisms that get the better of people in the house as well.

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