Weekend with Eidi and Malin

On Saturday last week David and I rushed to the bus stop at UEA to meet Malin and Eidi who had just arrived after their 6 hour national express journey from the Airport. After they settled in and unpacked we got ready for our night out. I had luscious dark purple make up combined with my new purple velvet top, of course. Emily did my hair and make-up and we were full glam squad that night. We pre-drank in the livingroom and headed out to the LCR in the late hours, drank way to many jægerbombs and VKs(who do we think we are, 12?) before walking back in the coldest snowiest weather.

img_0466 img_0543 img_0539 img_0535

The next morning we had a lie in, in our more fragile state, before heading into town for some well deserved lunch. I was originally going to take them to Pandora’s Kitchen, but it was closed, so we went to Cafe 33 where we had some delicious food. Afterwards I took them around all the beautiful streets of Norwich, to the cathedral, and to my favourite antiques church. In the evening we made mince meat and nachos with melted cheese and attempted to watch Bring it On in the livingroom, but the internet was too slow so we gave up in the end. It was still cosy to hang out together, under blankets, eating and resting. img_0548 img_0546

On Monday, the sun was finally shining bright, and so I took them on a little tour of campus and around the lake. It was kind of fun being able to show my pretty campus in such lovely weather, it does make you a little proud to be a student here.

img_0551 img_0562 img_0561-1 img_0563

In the afternoon we went into town again to do some shopping. Malin and Eidi were excited to shop, being that there are so many stores here that aren’t in Norway/Bergen. We spent a particularly long time in Holister, where they bought lots of cosy jumpers and gifts for their family and friends. I spent a couple of hours with them, before popping back to uni for a seminar whilst they continued shopping. I met up with them when class finished and went to Las Iguanas for some Mexican food and drinks. I went to this place with Shawnee a couple of weeks ago, and we adored the place so much with their low prices and delicious good quality food, I just knew I had to bring my friends here too when they visited! As when I was with Shawnee, I got a starter, a main (yummy burritos), a side, and two cocktails for only 22 pounds (What??)!

img_0581 img_0580 img_0579 img_0577

Suddenly it was Tuesday and I was putting them on the gruelling 6 hour bus ride and waving goodbye. I’m so glad they made the trip to see me all the way to Norwich! It’s

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