“Lille My”

It’s been a sleepy Sunday today. I’m sad to report that I cowered away from uni work, but that I’m hoping that today’s final break will motivate me for Monday and the coming week. Right now I’ve just had some take away chips. The room smells of an odd combination of the chips and eucalyptus oil from the incense sticks I’ve got burning right now. It came to my attention whilst I munched away at the chips that I’ve had a shocking amount of junk food this last week. Next week then, I shall try to eat healthy, do work and maybe even go for a little walk and get some fresh air.

Right now I am trying to crochet a sock, outside the suspicious ice cream van just drove past and announced his presence. We’re all convinced this so called ice cream van sells drugs or something. Every evening in the pitch dark, throughout winter, at around 6 o’clock, he drives around our streets blasting his ice cream jingle from the speakers. Weird. I can’t imagine that’s ideal ice cream selling time. Anyway, I decided to just have a go at this sock, without following a pattern or tutorial. I thought I would basically just try and modify the design I learned for my beanies, by making them more slender before widening it again. I’m not sure how well this will work, but It’s fun to have a try. So far so good. As I’ve been crocheting my sock I have been watching “Mummidalen” on Youtube. I can’t remember now how or when this childhood classic suddenly popped in to my head, but I had a real urge to dive into the nostalgia and enjoy some light entertainment. I love watching children’s tv shows, especially one’s that I hold so dearly from my own childhood. There’s something so simple and relaxing about them, a real contrast to the complex and heavy aspects of uni and uni work. Watching “Mummidalen” from a more grown up perspective is great fun too, I never appreciated the artistry of the cartoon (or if I am being completely correct, anime show) when I was younger. The Japanese production of the series really shows, as the scenery and every frame really is like artwork! The themes and feel of the stories are also more to my liking too. It resonates of a time when kid stories used to be more cynical and darker. My favourite episode for example is when “Lille My” tries to see the “winter lady” without being hurt, but ends up getting too overconfident and freezes to ice (she does eventually get defrosted, but she definitely learned her lesson not to mess with winter as she is harsh and unforgiving). Speaking of which, I absolutely adore “Lille My’s” character. For a story that is from the 1950s she’s quite a girl! She’s a “puts up with no rubbish-doesn’t like being told what she can or cannot do-adventurous-smart-daring” bad-ass, and does everything the boys do, despite other female characters in the show sometimes suggesting she should be more lady like. I’ve come to like her so much actually that I did a little sketch of her today and put her up on my wall, together with all my other inspirational sketches and writings. A little reminder to try and be a bit more fierce, determined, independent and feisty towards things in my life.

Ok, that’s enough talk of a children’s tv show… Haha.. I feel like this is where someone needs to put a hand on my shoulder and tell me I am becoming a bit of a looser right now.

img_8937 img_8940 img_8943

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