Weekend with Steph

Last weekend my dear friend Steph visited Norwich and we had a wonderful weekend together, but then study week, or “Do something different” week, happened and I have been so incredibly busy with uni that I haven’t had time to write about our lovely time together! Honestly, I have worked so hard this week, and I’m quite proud with myself. We had no classes this last week so I decided this was going to be the week I was going to power through with all my might and bash out the rest of my slides. I’ve been in lab from around 8 or 9 and stayed until 15 to 17 every day. Doing microscope work so intensely makes you incredibly exhausted and so when I have come home in the evenings all I have mustered to do is make dinner and watch youtube for a couple of hours before going to bed. I did it though!! I officially have only ONE slide left to do on Monday and then I am officially DONE with microscope work. Well, that being said, I may pop in a couple of more times to re-do some slides after I have had a look at the data and done some stats. I have a hunch that particularly some of the slides that I did in the start may have a bit too much human error for my liking. I’m incredibly done with looking down a microscope now though, so I will only do it if they are obviously ridiculously misrepresentative, because I am so so so ready to move onto the next stage of this dissertation nightmare. I must admit though, I am kind of wetting myself to finally sit down and see what the stats look like as I am certain it’s not going to be in my favour. Oh well, at least it’s something new to worry about, which makes a change!


Back to last week! Steph came up for a visit to see Norwich and the remaining ecology gang still left at UEA. Being that my room is a good size and I already own a blow up mattress I was more than happy to host her over the weekend. On Friday I met her at Ziggies at uni with Jeff for a coffee and a chat over some lunch. Without even noticing several hours had passed as we caught up on eachother’s lives. Steph is doing so well for herself since graduating. She’s just finished a year in an ecology relevant job, doing insect identification work for a researcher, and now she’s on to the next big thing and doing a course with the National History Museum in London! In the evening we had some dinner before heading over to Natty and Jeff’s place to play a card game. Drew also joined us, who I also hadn’t seen for so many months. We played an elaborate game the two housemates had made up, and as complicated as it looked I actually got the hang of it after a while. It was so lovely hanging out with them all again.


The next day Steph and I headed into town for some lunch at café 33 and to do some shopping. I needed to go and see if I could find some stuff for my science communication project, and Steph helped me with my search. Lunch at Café 33 was great, despite the 30 minute wait. I had a goats cheese ciabatta and a chai latte of course. In the late afternoon we headed home again and I had a little time to myself in bed with Youtube whilst Steph headed out again in the evening to meet with some of her UEA choir friends.

On Sunday we decided to attempt a tiny bit of a walk at uni before going into town again to see Jeff, Natty and Drew for a Sunday roast (yeah we did eat a lot that weekend). We were initially planning on going round the lake, but in the end there was only time to walk alongside the inner side before catching our bus. I got to take some photos of the snowdrops and daffodils on campus though, which I have been telling myself to capture everyday when I walk passed them to Lab.







We went for our Sunday roast at the White Lion, an incredibly charming and authentic British pub that the boys still come to a lot. It’s one of those places that is too outside the town for tourists or visitors to know about it, and it sells local ciders with “farmy” smells and tastes. The roast was fantastic and I especially loved the pork crackling and stuffing, which were next level delicious. In the evening Steph and I hung out in my room and chilled before getting an early night. Then suddenly it was Monday and I waved Steph goodbye before heading for Lab.



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