Beach day

So things didn’t exactly go to plan today. The plan was to get up early, shower and get ready (check), do some shopping for breakfast supplies and ingredients for my sweet potato chilli I planned to make in the evening (check) and then go to IT and continue doing my dissertation stats (chee…). I did a good two solid hours before I decided to take a tiny break and have my lunch. I whipped up Facebook to have a look if anything interesting had happened and find that a lot of messages had been sent on a group chat I am part of. “We’re going to the beach NOW! Come!!” Before I knew it I had packed all my things down and was meeting Shawnee outside IT to head towards Congregation Hall where we were going to be picked up by Ellen and Max who were already waiting. The weather today was glorious and I couldn’t miss the opportunity to go to the beach this afternoon, so stats would have to wait an extra day.

After a little drive we arrived at Gorleston-on-sea where the four of us had an ice cream before walking along the beach in the beautiful sunshine searching for sea glass. We walked a good distance along the sea edge and enjoyed the sound of the ocean waves crashing, having a little paddle, watching a seagull attempt to eat a flounder, pet passing dogs, and feeling of the sand between our toes as we walked in our bare feet. Our tired uni-stressed souls were rejuvenated.

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