My Last Lecture

On Monday I whipped out my timetable on e-vision to refresh my memory on what classes and classrooms I had for the following week, like I always do, and I was reminded of what my friends and I had been talking about all last week. My last week of lectures of my undergrad degree! Techniqally, if I never fancy uni again after this, it would be my last classes ever. My friends and I talked about how long our time in education had been; for most of us it’s been 17 years of continuous education since the age of 5. Quite a milestone then that I was about to reach! On Tuesday there was a sense of excitement in the air as we sat down in one of the lecture rooms in congregation hall and got our pens and paper out in preparation for the lecturer to speak. He summarised the module, social evolution, and spoke warmly of the main messages about his field of study. In between the finer detail of social evolution, Darwin, Hamilton and other great names that carved the path for the study of the natural world came up, almost like they popped their heads in door, took their hats of and bowed down to us one last time. I felt an overwhelming sense of privilege that I had been able to learn about their way of seeing and thinking about the world, and how vast and unifying the natural world is in it’s inner workings; the magnitude of natural mechanisms that drive biological evolution and the natural landscape, the scale of interactions between organisms and the environment, and the indescribable diversity of animals that have and used to exist. If only everyone knew how vastly wonderful the world actually is. After class, I went for a celebratory drink with Shawnee and Ellen before doing some more stats, before hanging out in the pub and playing “kerplunk” a little more. In the evening we went home to Shawnees where we met with Max and continued drinking as we played Trivial pursuit and “One night ultimate werewolf” that made us laugh way too much.

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