Flags at half mast

Finally home for Easter break! It’s been divine to be back home, I feel like a weight has lifted off my shoulders and I feel so happy being where I’ve been longing to be for so long. The journey on Thursday was tiresome and tedious, but without much delay, which wasn’t what I expected, considering it was the day after the tragic events in London and my coach service was on redirected routes around Westminster to get to the coach station in Victoria. As we crawled through London I watched out my  window on the people bellow, curious to see what the mood was like the morning after. Upliftingly everyone was as usual; businessmen continued to talk and smoke outside the towering glass skyscrapers, tourists continued taking photos of the sights, and everyone else was running along to wherever they were going to. The atmosphere felt different though, like everyone was a little extra deep in thought that morning. I had an hour wait in Victoria before my second connection to Gatwick Airport. As we left Victoria station and passed over the Vauxhall bridge the whole coach glanced across to Big Ben and the Parliament to look at the flag flying at half mast. As we turned around the corner I caught glimpse of a digital billboard advertising Nicole Scherzinger’s vitamin beauty tablets evaporate and be replaced with a powerful image of the London Underground logo with the text “we are not afraid”.

At the airport I got some food at Nando’s (the McDonalds has closed down and is now a Starbucks…. Typical..) before doing some browsing in the stores to pass the time. Eventually my gate number was announced and not long after I was stepping onto the plane. As I landed I sang “Eg ve te Bergen” to myself under my breath, as I always do. We landed, went through passport control, I got my suitcase and then hugged my Mum in the arrivals area.

Since then I have just lazed around at home. I am enjoying a couple of days rest before I have to pick myself up again and buckle down for the assignments and revision. I’ve had the most wonderful sleeps and the most beautiful meals, I am so so grateful. The weather here is as it would be expected, and the landscape is about half a season behind what Norwich is experiencing at the moment. I came home to patches of snow, yellow grass and bare trees, which is quite the contrast to the daffodils, crocuses, green grass and cherry blossom back in England. Tomorrow is Mum’s birthday and today Dad got her pretty flowers. This evening Dad, Mum and I watched The Great Barrier Reef by David Attenborough after dinner and we all marvelled at the beauty of it all.


Home Easter

Home Easter

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