Vegetarian spaghetti and short hair

Yesterday evening was quite eventful. For starters I made a huge bulk of my vegetarian spaghetti. I really love this meal, it’s so easy to make and so cheap! It costs under a tenner and makes meals for at least 7 meals packed with vitamins and nutrients. I am so in love.

 More importantly though, I decided spontaneously yesterday evening after dinner to get Emily to cut my hair short. And when I say short, I mean above my shoulders short! I had been feeling a bit of change for a while, and so many of my friends have been rocking the short hair look lately I decided to join the club. Whilst it was being cut I was honestly not that scared, but when I saw the result my first reaction was a little terrified. I think it was mostly the shock of something so drastically different, but after around 45 minutes, some final touches and some selfies later I decided I absolutely love it! I look so mature!



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