Pimp My Barrow and 17th of May

So life has been pretty boring these last weeks, if I am completely honest. Most days are filled with revision or just worrying about revision, and there isn’t really much else going on. Two days have stood out these last weeks though, including Pimp My Barrow and the 17th of May. Pimp My Barrow was of course amazing. Shawnee, Max, Ellen, David, Paul and I decided to go as the characters from “Up”, and decorate our barrow to look like the balloon carried house in the movie. Everyone’s costumes were so good, I was truly impressed; Shawnee was the cute scout Russel, Max the old Man, Ellen the bird Kevin, David the dog named Dug and Paul the “evil dog”. I was perhaps the least creative outfit, namely the “old wife” who dies in the beginning of the movies (we were running out of characters at this point). I wasn’t too bothered about my outfit though, as my character played only a small role in the actual movie, and our team would be far more recognised through the other members and their costumes. I was really proud of our barrow though, the house turned out so great and made a great impression on people at the event! Ellen’s contribution to the barrow must be said was far greater than all of ours, and so really all the credit goes to her. As for the actual day, it was a fun, drunk day of unhinged laughter, dancing and singing in the square before a wobbly pub crawl around Norwich. In the square we danced to musical numbers with Madagascan Lemurs (Bryony’s team), among doctors, aliens, cowboys, spicegirls faraos, vikings and dinosaurs, to the booming music played by the DJ to the packed out square. The atmosphere was electric and there were such good vibes and cheery mood all around. I distinctly remember trying to dance to Gangnam Style before giving up and just basically jumping around to all the hits like the 8 year old that I am. Eventually the event took us to three pubs, where we bumped into old friends like Conor (the planet) and many others. Eventually my legs couldn’t take anymore, but luckily so couldn’t Shawnee, Ellen and Max’s either, and so we headed into town (passing the third and final pub) for some fried chicken before going home for a dizzy, early night.

All photos are taken by Ellen, David and Shawnee. Click on them to make them larger. 

As for 17th of May I got up early and plonked myself in front of the tele with my computer wired up to showing the online broadcast by NRK for the day. I had a lovely scrambled egg with smoked salmon on toast breakfast to get in the mood too. I must admit I am jealous every year that I can’t be part of it all, but I am so excited for next year and to finally be apart of the wonderful celebrations with my family and friends again. By next year it would have been 6 whole years since I actually attended a 17th of may parade (I was too hungover in my final year of high school from all the “russ” celebrations the night before).

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