Wondering what a Tasmanian Tiger’s breath would sound like

I’ll never see a Tasmanian Tiger with my own eyes. All I have are some scrappy photos from the 1920s. I worry that my kids will have many more animals they will only be able to see as a picture, stuffed in a museum, or if they are so lucky at perhaps a zoo with the last captive individuals are left of the species. I worry that they may never feel their majestic presence, see their detailed beauty and stand in aw over the breathtakingly complex and intricate environment in which they belong to. Can you imagine not being able to ever hear the breath of an Elephant again? I have seen an elephant both in the zoo and in the wild, and without really being able to describe how I understood this feeling, I could just simply feel how right it all was when the animal was in the right place and where it belonged. You could sense their power within. I heard the breath of a wild elephant and it is something that will stay with me for the rest of my life.

I get angry about it. I accept that species come and go in the natural cycle of things, but I wonder about all the animals that should be here right now, but that aren’t because of human behaviour. Species we know we have lost, but also species we don’t even know we have lost. I already hate the idea of people seizing to exist in memory, but trying to imagine for an entire species, and trying to imagine it for uncountable entire species’. It saddens me to the core of my being, more than anything else in the world.

I never heard the breath of a Tasmanian Tiger.


P.S. I am not putting down zoos, they are a wonderful concept and personally I think their role in communicating and connecting people to wildlife is invaluable/ their role in conservation, species preservation and research role is also so so invaluable. I am just saying that nothing beats the truly wild wildlife and it never will and should thus always be our up-most priority.

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