Beer garden

On Saturday evening Jeff invited me for some drinks at his local pub to have a well needed catch up. The pub, Warwich st. Social, was very very nice looking with the loveliest beer garden that we sat in as the the evening sun turned from golden to dusk. Eventually we headed inside to some comfy sofa chairs when the night cold crept up on us. Jeff and I haven’t technically had a proper talk since before Easter, so there was much to discuss. I am so happy that he has got his masters here at UEA and even a house with Drew already lined up for the autumn. There is something so unfamiliar about talking about futures and our plans at the moment. Unlike before it feels a lot more real when we talk about it, which indeed it is. For the first time I don’t feel young anymore. Anyway, we talked for hours, about the future but also about everything else. It was so lovely having those final hours just talking together, when our lives are both still on the same page and although you know it’s all going to change very soon it is nice to appreciate what you have right now.

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