Yesterday was my last exam, in Host-Parasite interactions, and although I felt like the exam went terrible I feel surprisingly uplifted because I AM OFFICIALLY DONE. It feels stranger than any feeling I have had before. Right now I am actually about to finish packing, there is still quite a lot left to do before my coach to London at 13.30 this afternoon. Yesterday I had a nice celebratory drink with Shawnee, Max and Jeff for a little hour after the exams before heading home, having a lazy afternoon in the livingroom playing quick fire question we found online, and ordering Chinese takeaway with the house for dinner. David, Emily and Georgia (our new unofficial housemate who has moved into Nathan’s room after he moved back home a couple of weeks ago) bought in some celebratory drinks and Prosecco, and together we popped the bubbly whine and cheered our newfound freedom before watching Springwatch and Love Island. The taste of Prosecco after what we have achieved this last month was incredibly satisfying. I went to bed super early, because the unrest of the last weeks just hit me like a brick wall after a glass of Prosecco, but the rest of the gang stayed up to watch the live results come in from the General Election. They were all very excited when the exit polls showed there might be a hung parliament, as they all voted Labour or Lib Dems and didn’t think they were going to win, so I am very happy for them that their parties did better than expected! Will write a little more of a detailed summary of it all later, but I thought I would just pop in right now to say “I AM DONE”!


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