So on Friday I travelled home to Bergen and have since then enjoyed a relaxing weekend with my family. It’s been nothing short of euphoric to be back home, with incredible home cooked meals, nostalgic weather, cuddles with Mum, stroking Molly, and falling asleep to bright midnight skies. Apart from that though, a sense of unrest has dominated these last days. I called Oddvar at Eidfjord to see if this summer job is still on (Oh yeah I haven’t mentioned this on my blog until now because I was too afraid to jynx it, but I was offered a summer job at Easter after I went to an interview at the Hardangervidda Natursenter) and he told me to call him back on Monday, as he would have more time to organise it all then. On Sunday I saw my dearest friends Malin and Eidi, and together we talked about our summer plans and futures, and mostly how unclear they were. Our conversation made me even more unsettled, being that my life is so unknown that I couldn’t even give any details about my life for even next week. Trying to comprehend that things will be alright in six months or in a years time seemed/seems impossible. 

Taken at around 11 pm. I adore the bright night. 

Today, on Monday, everything took a dramatic turn for the better. In fact, I would argue it’s my best Monday ever in Life. I called up Oddvar, and he told me to come down on Wednesday for training and that I can move into my rented accommodation in Eidfjord for the summer. I am so extremely happy and excited to have got this job, and to have at least a plan for the summer, and a form of income that will soon going to into my bank account! To top the day off, my dissertation marks were published this afternoon. David picked up my coursework from the Hub and sent me my results over Facebook…; 71 % on my report, 75 % on my presentation and 85 % in conduct. I can’t even describe the feeling I had when I read those marks off David’s chat, I was so trilled and excited that I was jumping up and down in front of my Mum, grinning from ear to ear and making little squeaky screamy voices. It was such a relief and such a proud moment to finally see my hard work and dedication to this project finally pay off, it made it all so incredibly worth it. I can safely say that I worked HARD for that mark, probably the hardest I have ever worked for anything in my life. I took a picture of myself about 30 min after I first found out what my marks were, and as you can see I was still beaming.

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