My feet are shattered

Today has been a looong day, my first day of work. The day was filled with so manly new impressions and lots of information to take in. Incredibly overwhelming and intimidating at times, but hopefull with time I will learn the rythm of this place and master the art of juggling so many tasks at the same time. Today consisted of working with a lovely woman called Olaug in the giftshop. I was mostly wrapping and packing the bought items whilst she took care of the transaction of money (thank god, because my maths skills are really not anything to brag about..).


The day was intense, we hosted at least one or two buses every hour, if not more, I lost count. By lunch time we had sold hundreds of souvenirs, and sold items (without actually saying any figures) for around four times more money than I will make this month in wages in about a span of 4 hours. After lunch Oddvar took myself, May and Sarah for a round around the main building and laid down the ground rules, routines and methods of selling, organising and handling visitors. It was a lot of information to take in, and right now it’s all a bit overwhelming, but I am motivated to try my hardest and give it my all, hopefully proving my insecurities and doubts wrong. Mostly I want to do my best and show Oddvar that he made the right choice in hiring me, I owe him this dedication for picking me and trusting me with this job. I am incredibly grateful I am working right now and not at home, unemployed and worrying myself sick about the future and my finances, so in a weird way I want to make him know how thankful I am for getting this opportunity.


I think the whole team, both the boss and the employees at the centre, seem really lovely and friendly, and I think the worker atmosphere is going to be great!  I ended the day at 5 pm, drove home, made some dinner and collapsed on the couch with NRK on in the background. I can’t remember the last time I stood on my legs for a full 8 hours (minus a lunch break and a tiny sit down with Olaug between tourist waves). My legs are going to be tough as boots by the end this! Luckily I don’t start until 10 am tomorrow, and I am so excited to have an extra hours night sleep compared to last night. My legs are going to need those extra 60 minutes!!


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