A blast of golden light

After lying on the sofa for a good 3 hours I hadn’t realised how dramatic the view outside was becoming, as my angle was too for down, but just now at around 9.30, I got up from the sofa and looked out the window. I was nearly blinded by the brightest golden light bursting through the black clouds. If that wasn’t a sign that this place is indeed the most beautiful little place on earth, then I don’t know what.

Eidfjord sunset

Eidfjord sunset

Work was fine today, I just have to keep reminding myself that I am new and that I am allowed a little learning period with mistakes and uncertainties. I have a looooong day tomorrow, from 9 am to potentially 19 pm. Originally it was from 11 am to 19 pm, but Linda called me up and asked if I could come in earlier. Maybe that means I might be able to go earlier home though, I am not sure. Either way, I am meeting Mum and Dad in the evening, for dinner and to show them my flat. They are spending the weekend in Ulvik for their anniversary. I am excited to see them, I already miss them so much!

Edit: I finished at 17. hahaha.

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