All smiles

On Wednesday I came home after work (where I received my first paycheck that day!) and went and had ice cream, solo and firkløver chocolate by the beach with Saara and May, and had such a lovely time chatting and laughing over sugary treats. Eventually the sun started to set and the air went cold, so we went home and I made myself some dinner. As I was eating my spaghetti I opened my computer and saw a message from David: “degree marks are in”. My heart sort of raced and stopped at the same time for a second before I rushed myself to evision to see the results. I take a big sigh of relief when I see my 2:1, double check with David that I was reading it correctly and then immediately call my parents to tell them the news whilst simultaneously congratulating my friends on their results too. The most shocking thing was getting 60s on my exams, resulting in getting a 69% overall for my third year degree mark. Aka, my final year mark was 1% away from a first!!!! How great isn’t that for improvement! Of course, my second year results meant I would have had to do exceptionally well to get a 1st overall in my degree, but how thrilling it was to see that my even harder work and dedication in my final year was payed back with the best end of year results I have ever had during the course of my time at UEA. I stood and danced for a while to Ed Sheeran before settling down into bed again and watching Bob’s Burger with the most euphoric feelings rushing around inside my body.

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