Qualified Padi Open Diver

Remember I tried early this year to learn how to dive and completely failed due to my unexpected panic of the water? Well, after several more attempts I finally managed to complete it!! It took me several attempts to get used to and feeling comfortable in the water, but I finally had a breakthrough in April. With my fear defeated, I was therefore ready to back and try to complete the exercises in the open water, necessary to finish the course and earn my certificate. I therefore booked in for a weekend in June to complete the open dives part of the course. The other people completing the course that weekend were absolutely lovely, and definitely a contributing factor to my contained calm state of mind. If you compared me from the first attempt back in the beginning of the year to the final attempt done that weekend, you wouldn’t have believed it was the same person (something my diving instructor enthusiastically told me several times); I went from an irrationally, panicked crybaby, to a zen, calm and happy water baby. My only scary moment was having to complete the “taking off my mask under water and putting it back on again” exercise, but I took a deep breath, grabbed the challenge by the horns, and got it over with as quickly as possible. You are therefore now looking at a qualified (to 18 metres) diver!! I am so proud of myself for facing my fear head on and conquering it. It’s an empowering feeling. I find myself dreaming of going on a diving trip with a company in a lush tropical country! Better save up then 😉

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