Harvesting from the garden and the wild

So we leap into July, and I have lots of news to tell you all! The garden has continued to grow, and over the last weeks we have enjoyed the emergence of tasty home-grown fruit and veg. Of course, the lightning fast-growing radishes were the first to hit the table, followed by our sweet strawberries, crunchy sweet peas and juicy black currants. My carrots, squash and potatoes are also still trundling along at their own pace, and I am hopeful for the end of the season! There is something so therapeutic about growing and harvesting your own produce, I am so in love with the concept of gardening. Working for Plantasjen this summer has been bitter sweet though, as on one hand I have been so incredibly inspired to one day have a beautiful garden, but at the same time (as someone who works on the till) I’ve had to accept that gardening is expensive. Considering my vision for my future garden (pinterest link), I roughly estimate hundreds of thousands of kr being needed to spend to make it happen. Not to mention how much I want to decorate my future home and my interior in plants and foliage too. Wops! Some things in life are actually for free though, and as the hot weather has turned the weals of mother nature’s wilderness into fast gear too, wild strawberries raspberries, and autumnal blueberries have already started to emerge.

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