Ulriken, Sunbathing and Being Zen

The gang has sort of fallen off the wagon a little when it comes to our weekly walks during these summer months. It’s always difficult to coordinate when people work, holiday and have other commitments. However, I did manage to get one hike in last month in the beginning of July at least, with Emilie and Gunni. We went up Ulriken, now made into an endless flight of stone stairs to the top, breaking my bum and back. I am not sure if I liked the rebuild. I much prefer walking on natural terrain. The stairs were too repetitive and reminded me far to much of going to the gym. Luckily, there is more than one route up the mountain and so I think I will probably be choosing those over the newest one in future. It was a scorcher that day and the views at the top didn’t disappoint that day either.

I spent the rest of the afternoon that day with Emilie at her house in Hordnes soaking up the sun, barbecuing and listening to music. Quite the perfect ending to the day. I really needed that after some exhausting days working. Who needs Spain anymore ey?

Other than that I spent most of July down by my little spot by the lake. July has been so hot, and cooling off down by the lake has been a necessity both in the early mornings and evenings. I’ve particularly enjoyed the morning swims. It’s such a soothing way to start the day. Everything is quieter. Dipping in the cool water and feeling revived and cleansed in the wake of a new day is nourishment for the soul. I’ve also tried, after my swims, to sit down there under the shading trees on my towel and try a little meditation. Not like in a spiritual hippy way, but in a clear my mind and listen to the wind and birds kind of way. My mind can get so clogged, it’s doing absolute wonders to consciously have a regular declutter. I try and do this by emptying my head and focusing on one thing around me, really embracing it and appreciating it. I think if you direct your appreciation in the simplest things, everyday life seems immensely wonderful. Existing is a pleasure I think we might forget about, over achieving, accomplishing and growing. #hippywho?

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