Floral July

This summer will definitely be remembered as the summer of flowers. It’s weird how things turn out like that. I’m sure you guys are sick of hearing about it by now. However, I couldn’t resist a blog post about the pea salad I made the other week. Fresh peas, chopped up pea pods, borage and mint from the garden together with salad leaves and cucumber made the most delightfully delicate and delicious salad I have ever tasted. It perfectly summarised the mood of this radiant July in a little bowl of green and blue.

A spot of sunbathing and reading on the terrace also peaks on this month’s favourite moments.

But maybe more precious was when I found myself lost in a field of rosebay willowherbs (geiterams) and towering greenery like I was in a jungle in a foreign, exotic land. Nature truly is magical sometimes.

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