Crocodile Teeth, Line Dancing and Love Island

In theme of this summer’s blazing heat Malin threw a cute little tropical inspired 24th Birthday party with flamingos, pineapples and brightly coloured tinsel. We had a great time playing card games, but things got particularly crazy with the introduction of a new game of “push the teeth on the sporadically snapping crocodile”. The anticipation of a bite and the ecstatic screams of others hanging on the edge watching as you took the the toothy plunge was hysterical. We also ate cake, a delicious oreo cake and my decorated brownies. As the evening went on we found ourselves bold enough to play “guess the song I am humming along to through my headphones” before eventually breaking into all types of dance (including salsa and line dancing). A highlight was the whole crew belting Miley Cyrus’ classic “It’s the Climb”, like the old grannies we are now. Perhaps even more fitting of our old age was Malin and I’s decision to ditch the wet and cold evening outside, climb into the soft, warm bed with pizza and watch Love Island whilst the rest of the gang journeyed into town. Actually, I think that might be my favourite moment of the evening.

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