Vidden with Mum

This summer Mum and I finally did something we had thought about doing for a very long time. On a misty Friday morning in July I took Mum up the Ulriksbanen and over Vidden to Fløyen. Mum’s been saying she has wanted to conquer Vidden for many years, but been a little intimidated to take the leap and do it. Norwegian mountains are less accommodating to short legs, but after some persuasions on my end we decided that the flatter Vidden was within her bounds. We took our time as we do, but made sure to plod along at a steady pace, and did it in a very respectable (8 ish) hours. Most of the hike was in the mist, but with the aid of the phone and the frequently spaced stone built “varder”, and regular bypassing by mountain goat Norwegians, we never felt lost. We admired dew covered grasses and sedges, dainty mountain flowers, and cotton grass quiver in the wind, and were fascinated by the usually boggy landscape turned earth crackingly dry by this summers heat. We said hello to a flock of grazing sheep, young mums with their little lambs, and during a spot of lunch we heard a golden plover (?). One of my favourite moments was watching the misted elves dancing on the tarn. By Rundemannen mountain we were getting a little tired, but we pushed through and made it to Fløyen where we plonked ourselves right down in the restaurant and had a well deserved coffee before taking the funicular down into town.

2018-07-13 07.55.42 1

2018-07-13 07.55.41 1

2018-07-13 07.55.42 2

2018-07-13 07.55.41 2

2018-07-13 07.55.39 1

2018-07-13 07.55.40 1

2018-07-13 07.55.38 1

2018-07-13 07.55.37 1

2018-07-13 07.55.38 2

2018-07-13 07.55.36 1

2018-07-13 07.55.37 2

2018-07-13 07.55.35 1

2018-07-13 07.55.34 1

2018-07-13 07.55.35 2

2018-07-13 07.55.34 2

2018-07-13 07.55.33 1

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