Beach towels and flared jeans

As July came towards an ending, the weather decided to go out on a big bang and give us a final blast of sticky, hot sunshine. Eidi and I spent one of those days sunbathing. We bought in delicious prawns and sweet, white bread for lunch, and allowed ourselves to devour a caramel and dark chocolate ice cream as weheaded over the scorching tarmac in rarely used sandals from the shops to the car. Back at home we decked out a feast for ourselves on the terrace, overlooking the garden and the irridecent blue lake. After lunch we spent the rest of the afternoon sunbathing and listening to lazy music like this summer’s favourite Nevermind by Dennis Lloyd, and amused ourselves with a new activity that we discovered; dancing strange shadow dances against the yellow wooden wall to the house.

As we slipped into the month of August I had an outing with my girlfriends, to see a screening of Mamma Mia 2. We had dinner in town beforehand, where my friends surprised me with a little going away present (I got accepted for the NMBU Masters, but more on that coming soon). Afterwards, we had a cup of coffee in cute little granny tea-cups at the always so cosy Tasting Room, before heading to the cinema. The movie was fantastic, so light-hearted and uplifting, with catchy tunes, beautiful actors and actresses in flared jeans dancing and having fun in a Mediterranean paradise. The breath of mental fresh air that I think we all need sometimes.

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