My course


For you readers that may be interested or curious as to what I actually studied in England it was a bachelor programme of 4 years in Ecology at UEA (University of East Anglia). The university, which had it’s 50th anniversary in 2013 is located in Norwich in Norfolk, about 2-3 hours from London with the train.

So what exactly is ecology?

“Ecology is the study of how organisms behave, interact with, and evolve in response to their physical and biological environments. It seeks to explain the diversity, abundance, and distribution of organisms, and appeals to those who are interested in the richness of the biosphere and concerned with how it is affected by human activities. Ecology, and its sister disciplines, evolutionary biology and behaviour, therefore provide the basis for understanding how life’s diversity originated and will respond to climate change, pollution, the destruction of natural ecosystems, and the concomitant loss of global biodiversity“.

The rough outlines of the programme of the course are like the figure bellow, which I’ve collected from their home page (link).



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