Road trip planning, harry potter movies and my Daddy

The next day after the hospital my UEA friends came over to do some planning of our Australian road trip! We managed to make a general route and also start planning on where we would be for Christmas and New years Eve. The hope is to stay in an AirBnb and have a lovely Christmas dinner at an English pub on the Gold Coast, and go party it up on New Years in Brisbane! Other than that we know we want to maybe check out Fraser Island, a Cattle Station in The Outback, and snorkel! n the evening my America friend Linzy came round and we binged on popcorn, chocolate and dates whilst watching Harry Potter!




Since then my dad has actually arrived! He decided he would come after realizing my state after the operation and the immense mission it would be to me to get back to uni and survive daily life. Two days later he knocked on my flat door and it was SO lovely to see him! I moved in with him in the hotel down the road and have been here ever since, “getting back on my feet”. He has helped me get me to the doctors appointments, made me lots of healthy nutritional meals so I am set for the day and healing properly, helped me with university work and assignments, helped me set up the showers for me in the morning, and generally been that rock I needed for support and love when I have felt like giving up. Honestly, if not I genuinely think I might have just given up by now and accepted a fail grade and just come home if he wasn’t here right now to help. He is so patient and forgiving, and somehow always knows to say the right things, inspire, motivate and sympathise. Highlights include making it through half a day of uni (after being gone for two and a half weeks), an afternoon drive to the lighthouse where we enjoyed the sea view from a bench, watching the surfers on an evening drive to North Wollongong Beach, and my yummy breakfasts! Of course there have been some frustrating moments, including today, where I have just been so upset and depressed since the moment I woke up and which I haven’t  been able to shake off all day. Tomorrow is a new day though and we’ll try again!





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